I teach  languages, culture, and the arts, both in English and Spanish (privately). I offer:

  • customized topics and materials
  • one-in-one (online) or small groups (online/in person)
  • flexible schedule to fit your needs
  • beginner to advanced and professional levels

Who would benefit from the classes?

  • professionals who need a good command of English or Spanish for their work
  • companies/employees who work with Latin America, Spain, or English-speaking country
  • individuals who plan to travel or live in an English- or Spanish-speaking country
  • students who need to prepare for an exam or want to do better in class

Teaching experience and philosophy

Classroom view of teacher and students during Spanish class at Michigan State University

Teaching a Spanish class at Michigan State University

I bring 20+ years experience teaching individuals and groups. During that time, I had the privilege of teaching students from a multitude of backgrounds, ages and levels, from small children who were just starting to talk to multilingual professionals who needed to perfect their use of language for work reasons.

By meeting the students at their current level and tailoring the courses to their learning style, needs and objectives, we save time and effort and achieve the best possible results. Having been myself a student of several foreign languages, I understand the process thoroughly and provide general tips and recommendations that student can also apply to the study of other languages in the future — and even other learning processes.

To find out more, please contact me.