How much does it cost?

The cost of each project varies according to word count, language pair, technical difficulty, turnaround time, need for formatting, etc.

With enough information about the document(s), we can provide an estimate, but it may need to be revised upon receipt of the actual document(s) and final requirements.

Whenever possible, together with the request for a quote, please email us at least the following information:

  • the document(s) to be translated
  • from which language (source)
  • to which language (target)
  • deadline
  • any other specification

There is a minimum fee of $65 and we offer discounts for large volume.

Certified and legal translations:

For standard documents, the minimum fee is $65, and usually $45+ for each additional page. Other documents such as transcripts, contracts, etc. might cost more.

Additional copies, revisions, printing, and mailing of documents are $25+.

A 25% rush service fee might apply.